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CLINICAL ANTHROPOLOGY – is the study of healing systems around the world and the use of these systems, processes, and techniques in clinical settings. Clinical Anthropologists looks at systems, physical as well psychological and social, using an information model. Systems break down when information is inadequate, for example when you are deficient is some essential nutrient or when trying to determine the best course of action to stop a terrorist attack. Information can be lost from a system, as in blood loss, or the death of the shaman who knew where to find the mushrooms. Then there is information intrusion as when attacked by a virus, or when new ideas (evolution), world views, and technology (AK-47s and IEDs) enter Third World countries.

We will also explore philosophies and myth, some of which can be viewed and read by touching the Tattooing button above. Political systems will also be explored because the health of a political system is an indicator of the health of a nation. As you can see, we are in bad shape with regards to political health in the United States because it is being managed using techniques of confusion and fear (a play on emotions), through information distortion and omission, for political purposes, rather than approaching problems with logic and calm.

This website will also connect you to our YouTube site, Osiris12gates ( – touch here or above), where you will find presentations regarding Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their relevance in a modern world, as well as conversation with O-O, the “authentic” space alien. There are also discussions of the Ancient Alien Hunters and many of their claims for space alien activities on this planet.

A new publication from North Atlantic Books is now available from your favorite bookseller (if they are still open) entitled, Entheogens and the Development of Culture: The Anthropology and Neurobiology of Ecstatic Experience. There can be no doubt that our ancient ancestors used mind-altering substances to commune with the other side, the ancestors and eventually the gods, and sometimes demons. Mind-altering substances, evidenced by liver enzymes and receptor sites in the brain, have been with human kind for many millions of years, and these experiences are at the base of shamanism and every – what is loosely called – “religion” in the world. Decision-making and thus cultural directions for our ancestors, as in today’s world, are closely connected to the use of a wide variety of mind-altering substances and yet these substances are left out of the discussion. Touch on the Tree of Life on the cover below, or the BOOK button above for a look at the table of contents and images connected to specific chapters.