Chapter Four

Hildegard of Bingen: Unveiling the Secrets of a Medieval High Priestess and   Visionary   
Gerrit Keizer
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Plate One – The ‘Faulpilz’

Plate Two  – Das Weltall yoni

Plate Three  – Hildegard in full regalia

Plate Four  – Die Seherin

Plate Five  – Die Seele und ihr Zelt, winepress

Plate  Six – Hildegard, Volmar, Richardis

Plate Seven  – Living water and cosmic eggs

Plate Eight  – Fuddled man with red cap and flakes

Plate Nine  – Hildegard one eye closed

Plate Ten  – Devil in groin

Plate Eleven  – Mannekin, mandrake root

Plate Twelve  – Paste witches’ flying ointment, ferns

Plate Thirteen  – Four elements, pearl oyster

Plate Fourteen  – Seeds Datura

Plate Fifteen   – Adam smelling Datura flower

Plate Sixteen  – Palm leave and Datura

Plate Seventeen  – Mary with golden crown, fleur-de-lis and Cosmic Egg

Plate Eighteen  – Frame motive with henbane flowers

Plate Nineteen  – Witch on broom

Plate Twenty  – Witch on broom

Plate Twenty-One  – The ‘disk of five’’

Plate Twenty-Two  – Leaves, flowers, fungi

Plate Twenty-Three  – Primordia Fly Agaric

Plate Twenty-Four  – Fly Agaric

Plate Twenty-Five  – ‘Cheeses’ Die Seele und ihr Zelt

Plate Twenty-Six  – Plants and red ‘nuggets’

Plate Twenty-Seven  – Marginal motive with cross-sectioned Cosmic Eggs

Plate Twenty-Eight  – Aureole, vesica pisces, chalice with gills

Plate Twenty-Nine  – Hildegard amidst her benefactors, petals or gills

Plate Thirty  – Adam solar disk

Plate Thirty-One  – Aureole with red cross

Plate Thirty-Two  – Fountain of ‘living’ water

Plate Thirty-Three  – Eyes, golden eggs and ‘living’ water

Plate Thirty-Four  – Chalice of life and ‘living’ water

Plate Thirty-Five  – Engelschöre, pileus

Plate Thirty-Six  – Alchemists with blue pileus

Plate Thirty-Seven  – Man with blue pileus

Plate Thirty-Eight  – Navel stone Delphi

Plate Thirty-Nine  – Syrian caduceus

Plate Fourty  – Out of body, zodiac

Plate Fourty-One  – Adam, golden fleur-de-lis, palm leave

Plate Fourty-Two  – Life cycle, ‘living’ water, chalice, host

Plate Fourty-Three  – Tree of Jesse, Lübeck

Plate Fourty-Four  – Red-white-green, Lübeck

Plate Fourty-Five  – Mushroom tree with Fly Agaric

Plate Fourty-Six  – Der Sündenfall

Plate Fourty-Seven  – Mushroom trees and folds

Plate Fourty-Eight  – Ouroboros

Plate Fourty-Nine  – Clitoris, stars, pearl and oyster, white balls

Plate Fifty  – Hildegard with closed eyes

Plate Fifty-One  – Hildegard as high priestess

Plate Fifty-Two  – Hildegard, Richardis, Jutta

Plate Fifty-Three  – Archangel, head in head

Plate Fifty-Four  – Ladder

Plate Fifty-Five  – Stairways to heaven

Plate Fifty-Six  – Rupertsberg convent

Plate Fifty-Seven  – Woman with fern, rays

Plate Fifty-Eight  – The Tree of Jesse, Lübeck

Plate Fifty-Nine  – Detail of the Tree of Jesse

Plate Sixty  – Baby in the womb

Plate Sixty-One  – Icon Jesus in chalice of life

Plate Sixty-Two  – Ectomycorrhizae Laccaria amethystina (beech)

Plate Sixty-Three  – Tree of Knowledge, Golden Fleece (top/bottom)