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Welcome to the Cat Gallery!

a bi-monthly blog about cats

Hello, and thank you for visiting the Cat Gallery!

I am currently working on a book about cats entitled, Cat Tales: Origins, Interactions, and the Domestication of Felis Catus, and will be available mid-2021. In the meantime visit us here to learn fun facts about cats and see a few pictures of our furry friends. This gallery will provide you with facts about cats as well as my personal journey. 

My journey started about 35 years ago when two feral cats took up residence on our compost pile. The poor starving cats waited anxiously for my daily trips to the compost pile and would eat anything they could. So, of course, we started feeding them. 

Observation and research has helped me understand cats. We borrowed a couple of traps from the SPCA, trapped them, and got them fix. When they recovered we released them in the backyard beginning my education and life experiences living with cats. We named them Whittie & Missy, and the rest was history.