Biological Anthropology: A New Synthesis

© John A. Rush

Biological anthropology, also called physical anthropology, is about the biological us, and what we think we know about our origins. The Darwinian model, that is, random mutations, plus natural selection, plus time equals new species, has never been proven correct using material science. Saying that one species evolves into another species through random mutations tells us nothing of the processes involved. Saying life assembled and evolved randomly is no better than saying “God did it.” Show me how random events, without experimenter interference, can lead to functional codes like DNA. In this work not only does Dr. Rush point out the major problems with the Darwinian model but offers another model that can be properly researched by material science. This model is based around a very old idea, that life evolves itself. Scientists have no idea how life began, but there is compelling evidence that cells think and make decisions that can have direct and indirect effects on genetic coding. Here we are into epigenetics and endocellular selection. In the eighteen chapters, Dr. Rush covers the founding fathers of biological anthropology, creation stories from other cultures (Biological Anthropology is basically a creation story), how we classify and why, genetics, genomics, epigenetics, endocellular selection, topobiology, the sugar code, dating methodology, catastrophic events through the ages, the first primates and the ape lineages connected to the Oligocene and Miocene, our hominid and hominin ancestors (fact and fiction), primate behavior, the Homo line, modern humans, the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Paleopathology, and Forensic Anthropology.

Paperback: 453 pages
Publisher: Amazon (August 28, 2023)
Language: English