Endocellular Selection Evolution without Darwin

by John A. Rush

If there is one thing that undermines Darwinian evolution, that  is, the insistence that random mutations and natural selection  are the singular keys to the origins of life and species, it would  be the cell’s ability to “think,” make decisions, and alter its DNA  accordingly. This idea is implied in the works of Jean-Baptiste  Lamarck (1809) and it resurfaced as “directed mutation” by Cairns  et al. (1988). The cell’s active participation (instead of  a passive  recipient) in its evolutionary direction is unthinkable for many  researchers mainly because it undermines randomness and  natural selection and extends change potential to the cell itself.  How much of biological evolution is random and how much is  directed or purposefully initiated by the cell? How does this relate  to consciousness and the cell’s ability to “think,” make decisions,  and alter its DNA? These are issues the academic community  must take seriously.

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Cat Tales: Origins, Interactions and Domestication of Felis catus

by John A. Rush

Have you ever wondered-

What is the origin on the domesticated cat, Felis catus? What is our ancestral relationship to cats? Do cats have anything to do with our fear of the dark? Why has the domesticated cat (Felis catus) changed so little over the past 12 thousand years, when compared to other domesticated animals like the dog? What are the dietary needs and behavioral patterns of Felis catus? Why can they not digest vegetable material, often added to commercial cat food? And the big question, why do we keep them around in the first place?

Cat Tales answers these questions and many more for all cat lovers and anyone interested in cat and human evolution.

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  • Publisher: Independently published (July 17, 2021)
  • Language: English
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Welcome to my Cat Gallery

by John A. Rush

Welcome to the Cat Gallery!

a bi-monthly blog about cats

Hello, and thank you for visiting the Cat Gallery!

I am currently working on a book about cats entitled, Cat Tales: Origins, Interactions, and the Domestication of Felis Catus, and will be available mid-2021. In the meantime visit us here to learn fun facts about cats and see a few pictures of our furry friends. This gallery will provide you with facts about cats as well as my personal journey. 

My journey started about 35 years ago when two feral cats took up residence on our compost pile. The poor starving cats waited anxiously for my daily trips to the compost pile and would eat anything they could. So, of course, we started feeding them. 

Observation and research has helped me understand cats. We borrowed a couple of traps from the SPCA, trapped them, and got them fix. When they recovered we released them in the backyard beginning my education and life experiences living with cats. We named them Whittie & Missy, and the rest was history.

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World Myths Tattoo Gallery

by John A. Rush

World Myths Tattoo Gallery

by John A. Rush

Artist: Kim Forrest of Wild Bills Tattoo, Roseville CA

The Egyptian, Chinese, and Tibetan Galleries were, for the most part, culturally specific and aligned on the body to show similarities between these traditions suggesting cross-cultural interaction over a very long time span. Early shamanism, in my opinion, can be seen as the floor plan upon which all magical-religious traditions were built, past and present. Probably originating in Africa with Homo erectus, shamanism eventually spread with their original migration (1.8 Million Years Ago) into the Levant, southern Europe, and eventually China by over 1 MYA. Sacred rites and rituals designed to influence nature or the gods are very conservative maintaining continuity over long, long periods of time, for to change the ritual would represent a loss of power. The more modern diffusion of symbols and ideologies begins between 8000 and 4000BCE; slow at first as weather patterns changed and populations increased. The diffusion routes, often referred to as the “Silk Road,” can be seen as a conduit for the reworking of ideas and images connected to these magical practices. These very old trade routes extend from the Mediterranean in the west and eventually to Xian, China (and beyond) in the east. The most recent religious/mythic mixtures with us today began between 600 and 500BCE. This gallery is more specifically dedicated to world myth and more particularly astronomy and origin myths.

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Your Health

by John A. Rush


by John A. Rush © 2009, 2013

Most people are under the impression that we, as a species, are living longer thanks to modern medicine This is more illusion than fact. According to Dr. Jonathan Miller, “. . .in the past 50 years modern medicine has made such an insignificant contribution to human health and longevity that the enormous expense incurred for developing and administrating treatments was hardly worth it” (cited in James, W. 1995. Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth. Westport, Conn.: Bergan & Garvey, pg. 33). As Clark Larson points out ( “Biological Changes in Human Populations with Agriculture.” In, Annual Review of Anthropology, vol. 24,1995:185-213), beginning about 10,000 years ago, “[t]he shift from foraging to farming led to a reduction in health status and well-being, an increase in physiological stress, a decline in nutrition, an increase in birthrate and population growth, and an alteration of activity type and work load. Taken as a whole, then, the popular scholarly perception that quality of life improved with the acquisition of agriculture is incorrect.”

What Darwin and Dawkins Didn’t Know

by John A. Rush

If you ever had questions about evolution, this is the book to read. Using research from the fields of statistics, cell biology, zoology, and genomics over the past 50 years shows random mutations and natural selection inadequate to explain the origins of species let along the origin of self-replicating life forms. New data coming from studies in epigenetics, symbiosis, hybridization, quantum biology, topobiology, and the Sugar Code hold promise for revealing the scientific process of speciation if not the origins of life. The Neo-Darwinian model of random mutations plus natural selection leading to new species is an idea, a hypothesis that has never been tested using materialistic science (math, chemistry, physics). In fact, it is impossible to test this hypothesis because any test constructed would be through human design eliminating any sense of randomness. Neo-Darwinism incorrectly claims that you, all your experiences, and the physical world came about randomly, without a purpose, to remove any notion of intelligence beyond that of the human animal. Darwin’s ideas led to social Darwinism, a political statement that sprung from a belief that there is a superior group of people – the elites, the intellectuals, who should rule everyone else and that all the rest were inferior. This progressed to eugenics, socialism, Nazism, and communism and misery and death for millions of people. Darwin and his followers were racists – in the extreme. Furthermore, given that there is no scientific basis for their claim, Neo-Darwinism is a misrepresentation of science. If you are looking for a light to shine on this corner of science, you’ve got the right book!

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  • Publisher: Independently published (July 29, 2020)
  • Language: English
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by John A. Rush

CLINICAL ANTHROPOLOGY – is the study of healing systems around the world and the use of these systems, processes, and techniques in clinical settings. Clinical Anthropologists looks at systems, physical as well psychological and social, using an information model. Systems break down when information is inadequate, for example when you are deficient is some essential nutrient or when trying to determine the best course of action to stop a terrorist attack. Information can be lost from a system, as in blood loss, or the death of the shaman who knew where to find the mushrooms. Then there is information intrusion as when attacked by a virus, or when new ideas (evolution), world views, and technology (AK-47s and IEDs) enter Third World countries.

We will also explore philosophies and myth, some of which can be viewed and read by touching the Tattooing button above. Political systems will also be explored because the health of a political system is an indicator of the health of a nation. As you can see, we are in bad shape with regards to political health in the United States because it is being managed using techniques of confusion and fear (a play on emotions), through information distortion and omission, for political purposes, rather than approaching problems with logic and calm.

This website will also connect you to our YouTube site, Osiris12gates ( – touch here or above), where you will find presentations regarding Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their relevance in a modern world, as well as conversation with O-O, the “authentic” space alien. There are also discussions of the Ancient Alien Hunters and many of their claims for space alien activities on this planet.

A new publication from North Atlantic Books is now available from your favorite bookseller (if they are still open) entitled, Entheogens and the Development of Culture: The Anthropology and Neurobiology of Ecstatic Experience. There can be no doubt that our ancient ancestors used mind-altering substances to commune with the other side, the ancestors and eventually the gods, and sometimes demons. Mind-altering substances, evidenced by liver enzymes and receptor sites in the brain, have been with human kind for many millions of years, and these experiences are at the base of shamanism and every – what is loosely called – “religion” in the world. Decision-making and thus cultural directions for our ancestors, as in today’s world, are closely connected to the use of a wide variety of mind-altering substances and yet these substances are left out of the discussion. Touch on the Tree of Life on the cover below, or the BOOK button above for a look at the table of contents and images connected to specific chapters.

Entheogens & the Development of Culture

by John A. Rush

There can be no doubt that our ancient ancestors used mind-altering substances to commune with the other side, the ancestors and eventually the gods, and sometimes demons. Mind-altering substances, evidenced by liver enzymes and receptor sites in the brain, have been with human kind for many millions of years, and these experiences are at the base of shamanism and every – what is loosely called – “religion” in the world. Decision-making and thus cultural directions for our ancestors, as in today’s world, are closely connected to the use of a wide variety of mind-altering substances and yet these substances are left out of the discussion. 

  • Paperback : 672 pages
  • Publisher : North Atlantic Books; 6.9.2013 Edition (July 30, 2013)
  • Language : English
  • ISBN-10 : 9781583946008
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1583946008

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Images referred to in this book are available to view via the table of contents. 

Mushroom in Christian Art – The Identity of Jesus in the Development of Christianity

by John A. Rush

The Mushroom in Christian Art analyzes the prevalence of a certain motif — the mushroom — in Christian art, proposing that this image is evidence of the true foundation of Christianity and the Catholic Church. Examining Christian art from 200 CE to the present, author John Rush argues that Jesus was not an acutal, historical person, but a personification of the Holy Mushroom Amanita muscaria and the mycstical experience brought about by the ingestion of psychedelic plants and fungi by early, experimentally minded Christian sects.

Drawing on primary historical sources, Rush traces the history — and pictured face — of Jesus, which was constructed and codified only after 325 CE. In the process, he shows how the mushroom was very much apparent, though often disguised, in the early years of Christian art, thus revealing the nature of the original Christian cults, rites, and rituals — including mushroom use. The Mushroom in Christian Art emphasizes Jesus’s message of peace, love and spiritual growth, asserting that his murder was a conspiracy by powerful reactionary forces who replaced his message with the oppressive religious-political system that endures today. Rush’s brilliant exposition of Amanita muscaria use by early Christians challenges mainstream views of Western religious history and is both provocative and persuasive. The included DVD contains 252 striking color images of Christian art, the symbolism of each discussed in detail in the book.

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books; Pap/DVD edition (January 11, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1556439601
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Images referred to in this book are available to view via the table of contents. 

Failed God: Fractured Myth in a Fragile World

by John A. Rush

In 1970 John Allegro (The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross) informed that Judaism and Christianity coalesced around the use of the sacred mushroom, Amanita muscaria. Out of political correctness the academic community ruined his career. Since that time many books have appeared giving indirect support to Allegro’s position. Finally Dr. Rush reveals startling evidence, proof positive, that Jesus is the mushroom, the portal to the spiritual life. Rush goes on to question scholarly interpretations of the “life and times of Jesus,” and he sees the Old Testament, New Testament, and Qur’an as mythical charters representing political—not religious—traditions. This is a must read for all interested in religion and the development of Western Civilization. This work is bound to cause debate.

  • Paperback: 472 pages
  • Publisher: Frog Books (October 28, 2008)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10:1583942742
  • ISBN-13:978-1583942741

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