What Darwin & Dawkins
Didn't Know

Paperback: 238 pages

Publisher: Independently published (July 29, 2020)

Language: English

ISBN-13: 979-8670598743

                If you ever had questions about evolution, this is the book to read. Using research from the fields of statistics, cell biology, zoology, and genomics over the past 50 years shows random mutations and natural selection inadequate to explain the origins of species let along the origin of self-replicating life forms. New data coming from studies in epigenetics, symbiosis, hybridization, quantum biology, topobiology, and the Sugar Code hold promise for revealing the scientific process of speciation if not the origins of life. The Neo-Darwinian model of random mutations plus natural selection leading to new species is an idea, a hypothesis that has never been tested using materialistic science (math, chemistry, physics). In fact, it is impossible to test this hypothesis because any test constructed would be through human design eliminating any sense of randomness. Neo-Darwinism incorrectly claims that you, all your experiences, and the physical world came about randomly, without a purpose, to remove any notion of intelligence beyond that of the human animal. Darwin’s ideas led to social Darwinism, a political statement that sprung from a belief that there is a superior group of people – the elites, the intellectuals, who should rule everyone else and that all the rest were inferior. This progressed to eugenics, socialism, Nazism, and communism and misery and death for millions of people. Darwin and his followers were racists – in the extreme. Furthermore, given that there is no scientific basis for their claim, Neo-Darwinism is a misrepresentation of science. If you are looking for a light to shine on this corner of science, you’ve got the right book!